Monday, July 05, 2010

Friday 02 July 2010

Its about 6:30 and Simon Key hops in my car. We head off to the Parade Fanpark to watch the Ghana vs. Uruguay game. I can tell he is as amped for the vibe as I am. He's playing a set @ Bang Bang later so we park right outside and walk down through Greenmarket Square to the Parade. First time there and I'm astounded at the size of the place. The long entrance barriers remind me of last years Synergy. I thought ahead and left my bag in the car and made sure all my pockets had zippers on them. No camera tonight... Smash had her Lomo though so expecting some flicks from that.

Simon took me to the coffee bar where I met his buddy Storm. He seemed really cool and laid back. Little did I know that he is as young as Simon.
I start to feel old. So I leave they boys and head through the throng of South Africa/Ghana/Uruguay supporters. I stand alone for a while smoking and wondering where Smash is. I turn around and see her standing by the bar with Daz and the Waldburgers. We watch the game and Daz gets a little chipper after about 4 draughts. He gives me the giggles and I get more and more worked up as the game goes on. It was uber fun and I laughed more than I have in ages. Daz has the knack and a smile to match. Some excellent goal attempts from both teams!

Simon resurfaces and we share a bottle of water. No dop before the gig. As the match turns to a penalty shoot-out we get ready to leave the fan park. My lips are bleeding from blowing the vuvuzela. I see Therese from Sweden and her foreign friends having a coffee, so I go and chat to them and in the process obstruct people's view of the screen. Some angry man taps me on the bum with his vuvuzela. I grab it and blow it in his face. Walked away without saying goodbye to Therese. She has the most hilarious laugh.

Walked to Bang Bang. I was definitely the oldest person there other than the bouncer. All these kids were still in school and mostly from Reddam. Got asked numerous times what school I went to, which caused a lot of snorting and chuckling from Simon and Storm. Simon  played like a champ and all the little girls screamed and waved their hands in the air... a few came over and asked me how old he was... like I was his keeper. I was having a jolly old time dancing and Si called me into the DJbox for a little chat and laugh. Storm took me on a little trip to the downstairs bar. Half way, confused, I asked him where we were going... I had to stop him in his tracks and break it to him that I don't drink. He seemed disappointed yet amused and we raced back up to the dancefloor.

After Simon's set we went upstairs to the VIP area only to be stalked by his admirers. Rather taken aback by their insistence I flopped down in a booth with another DJ friend of Si's (who was about a whole head shorter than me) and some a silly little brunette who seemed thicker than two short planks. I lost interest in the bunch and was lighting a menthol when some other toss sat down next to me asking me questions about my 'school'. I choked on my cigarette smoke and told him that I had been out of school for longer than he had been in. Perplexed, he mumbled something about nothing and left. I could hear my bed calling me so I gathered my jacket, kissed the boys goodbye and left.

Not sure if having a club full of 17year olds is legal... and now that I am older and wiser I know how dangerous it can be for club owners... but that is exactly what i was doing at their age.

Over all the night was a roaring success. Good fun with the kids and in bed by 2am.

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