Monday, July 05, 2010

Sunday 04 July 2010

Wake up late to find V&L in my bed. I tell them a long in depth story about 'James and Klara's Cake Baking Expedition'. They are quiet, still and mesmerised allowing me to enjoy the warmth my bed is oozing. As long as I keep talking, they refrain from shouting or kicking me in the gut.

The rush to get them dressed and fed results in bad outfit decision on my part.
The pencil skirt makes it difficult to walk as fast as I would like. We arrive at the CTICC and go up to the 1st floor after the fight in the elevator about who is going to push the button. Drop L&V off at Kids Church and speed-walk to Audi 2. Nicky and Eddie are at the resource desk where I pay for my parking ticket.

I sit alone near the back. Jon Norman speaks about his dad's death. The title of his word is 'Peace in The Storm'. The way he speaks challenges me... Send Judah first, stay where you are, drop your anchor down deep... don't loose your sense of humor. Don't freak out.. Jesus didn't freak out... he was taking a nap! The storm will pass. Gets me amped for the coming week at work.

Cant see Christen, FJ, Evette, Michelle, Elwin, Kyle or any of my other mates... so I head up the red carpeted stairs...

On the way out I bump into lovely Gillian and we half arrange to meet up later for coffee but are both rushing in opposite directions. Walking into the Kids Church area I pass gorgeous guy, whose name I can't pronounce. He raises his eyebrows in recognition and greets me. I recall meeting him a few weeks ago and return the greeting.

L&V are thrilled to see me. L has a lumo orange star on her cheek and I look up to see Chantal's face is covered in them. Talia and L say goodbye and we leave.
Bump into Justin 'the stylist' on the stairs. His beanie is super-royal blue and the rest of his outfit is so colorful it puts me in a good mood. We also mumble about meeting up but L is halfway down the next flight of stairs and gunning it towards the downstairs parking lot. I chase after her with V in tow.

The drive is quick and painless except for the usual screams of 'Cherry Pickers' or remarks on the lack of the latter. V moans about wanting to go on the ferris wheel and I feel a pang of guilt , but we just don't have time... have to get to Granny Sue's.

With L&V dispatched, I spend the rest of the afternoon with my folks, doing my budget for next year... If they stick to their guns, I'll be running Charnwood by January... or as soon as my car is paid off and they move out. Can't wait to have the house to myself. Hopefully Smash will move in and we can make it comfortable.
With Hutch and Darren living close by its bound to be interesting.

Clean out the Wendy House and then head to Kk & Matt J's new flat in Anfield Park. We make Milo and stare at the golfers on the green below. At least there's a nice view of the mountain. Kk has done a superb job with the decor... black, black and more black with vintage the 8mm cameras displayed and the typewriter next to the record player. We talk about my budget and boys and growing up. Faye arrives and KK makes coffee and we smoke incessantly and jabber about how stupid people can be in our industry and how much Nick had stolen at the soccer. Sucks to be him.

Home by 6:30 and my Cass comes over to get some series... after settling on '30Rock' we start watching 'Up' on Mnet while it copies to her iPod. L&V arrive home and we all hop into bed and begin another installment of 'James and Klara's Cake Baking Expedition'. Cass joins us after a phone call to Gabi and once she is gone the twins bumble into bed.

I collapse on the couch.  An sms confirms Tim isn't coming over so i hunker down for some series and then hit the sack around 12 after a lonely smoke and a chat with Jesus.

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