Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Tea Party

Flamjangled Tea Party has fast become my favorite party because it is light hearted, fun and I can take my kids along with me.

Arriving early on Saturday morning ensured that we got parking close to the entrance and I was happy to see that there were showers this year (even though I had no intention of using them).

There were lots of enthusiastic, fantastical people already parading around in their get-up and lots of little dudes and dudettes with their fanciful parents.

The BOS ice tea caravan is always a welcoming sight and we happily hydrated ourselves.
This year there was a 'Tea Garden' type setup in front of Lady Bonin's Tea Parlour caravan. You could 'build a giant sandwich' with huge pieces of sponge bread, felt cheese, lettuce and giant pieces of material tomato. There was also an oversized chicken leg, a piece of pie (that served as a great seat) and a cupcake poof. The giant purple teddy became a punching bag for almost every child that came through the Tea Garden. Lily loved that teddy. 

The weather was fickle on Saturday but we got a good amount of sun, sitting around the dam. It was nice to see more bins this year so we could keep the area clean. My kids loved trying to figure out which bin their recycling went into. Paper, cans, plastic and 'other stuff'.

Brendan Murray was a much better MC than last years Sister Mary. His St Paddys Day tribute went down a treat. His irish accent and humor were fantastic. The only issue I had was that I wish he had kept it slightly more above the belt during the day. Little ears like to pick up slang/swearing and repeat it at the most inopportune times.

There were a lot more gazebo-type shady spots available this year, which was greatly appreciated. Even though the sun was fickle, it was still at full blast once the clouds moved.

I enjoyed watching 'Two Minute Puzzle' and Nate Maingard and Tim Hutchinson.
I also woke up at 2am and heard GoodLuck playing and it sounded great. Yes, I was asleep. Kids were exhausted and in bed by 7:30. Going to such a great festival with kids is almost a waste because you miss out on so many great bands.

The one complaint I do have is that the portable toilets were not emptied often enough. A tad smelly at times, but I guess that is the festival standard.

Besides that, I thoroughly enjoyed my Flamjangled Tea Party. The food stalls were excellent as always. I did miss the Royale burger stall from last year. We ate lots of freshly cooked pizza at the Pizzeria and iced tea, ice cream, coffee and danced and played and sang.

I love Flamjangled and next year I might just bring the kids for one day and then take them home so I can put on my bells and headdress and dance the night away.

Thanks to All Africa Tours and @Bubbalubs for lending me tents, Emily for accompanying me, and to Good Times Events for putting on such a GREAT party.

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