Thursday, April 05, 2012

Clap your hands...

So I won two tickets to watch Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in Cape Town from the delightful @iamDasKapital and was super excited till I realised the event is on the same night as my friends wedding. Fail.

I have to give them to someone who is a die-hard fan/groupie of the band.

I don't ever do these competitions because I'm not one for motivating why I want to win something... I just want to win it.

BUT in this case, I want to give these tickets to someone who loves CYHSY and would pee themselves with excitement if they could go to the show.

Line Up:
Cape Town – 13 April -  Wittebome Civic Centre

So comment below on why I should give you the tickets with your email address and twitter handle. Get creative. Pictures, videos. Show me how much you love them. Clap your hands and say YEAH!

Tickets are for the Cape Town show. Competition closes on Monday 09th April


Anonymous said...

I'm frothing so badly to see them that sitting down is not an option. Sliding off of chairs is the fate to which I have been consigned since I have begun wetting myself with excitement. I am doomed to wear wellington boots and eat meals standing up until I am given free tickets to watch the greatest band since the rubber one was invented!!!

Ernst said...

The bands name says it all! But I want to do more than that. I want to stomp my feet, shake my ass and get down and boogy with some of my best friends to one of my favorite bands! Nothing would make me happier :)

Anonymous said...

Post 1 was me, Raymond Evans!

Ryan said...

My girlfriend would probably sex me good if you hooked a brother up.

Anonymous said...

I actually didn't knopw so many people in South Africa knew them. I sincerely can't wait wait. It's going to be 2.0, next level fun!

Jonathan Garisch

rizqah dollie said...

This band is one of my all time favourites. Their track names are as authentic and unheard of, as their sound. I was introduced to the band, by graffiti artist, Falko in 2010, when we travelled South Africa in an attempt to bring art to peri-urban areas and complete the Splitpiece Conquer and Divide project.

Below is a link to the stop animation video we did and got permission from the band to use one of their music.

I have images of a wall Falko painted with the lyrics of the band from the track "Upon A Tidal Wave of Young Blood" in Blikkiesdorp, Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape.

I currently have photographs on exhibition (In Retrospect)at Atrscape Theatre (in the marble foyer) and the two pieces are titled after two Clap Your Hands Say Yeah songs. The exhibition is still up.

Huge fan...and will send images as proof.

Would be an honour to photograph the band and feel their sound.
Twitter Handle: onceuponageisha