Monday, April 23, 2012


This morning @_lucaluca tweeted a link to and I spent ages geeking out.

Here are some of the things I'd buy if I was a gazillionaire. Hours of fun.

Cat scratch DJ turntable

Jedi Bath Robe

Walk on water inflatable ball

Tron Light cycle

Brass knuckles tazer

Crystal clear canoe

Cookie bowl mould

Qlock two designer clock

Beer ammo bandolier

Pumpkin carriage bed (for Lily)

Storm-trooper coffee mug

Ninjabread men cookie cutters

Super Mario piranha earrings

Question touch-sensitive block lamp

iPhone SLR Adapter (for Sheldon)

RAGE face masks

Blood pool pillow (LOL)

Exhaust  car jack - clever hey!

Zombie doorstop

Convertible futon bunk bed

Pirate Ship playhouse (for V-man)

Portable camping pocket shower
(never be stinky again)

Beer holster. (Stick 'em up drunk!)

Dead Kenny Doorstop (for Sheldon)

Giant Slumber bear

The Nest Rest

The wicked witch bookmark

King Kong cat scratch post

I CAN'T STOP..... *dies*

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Waller said...

These are amazing!! I want them all aswell :/ That website is dangerous